Projects, raw materials, power plants
Projects, raw materials, power plants
To Buy ( Raw Materials )

Looking rails used

Looking : Used Rail no from Arabia Saudi

We have quite a number of Chinese State-owned Iron & Steel Group (I&S SOE) buyers with large order quantities from 1.2 Million MT/Year to 12 Million MT/Year.

The following two SOE buyers have actually worked out the SPA details with us and are ready to sign it within next week:

#1: 6 Million MT (500K MT/Month x 12)

#2: 1.2 Million MT (100K MT/Month x 12)

The total contract value for the two deals is about $1 Billion US Dollars.

Saudi Arabian Supplier

A)     We are already working directly with a KSA supplier on some projects at $150/MT, but some of our SOE clients are not agreeable to their payment terms.

B)     We do NOT need any other KSA supplier.

C)     In order to fulfill all the orders, we would like to work with suppliers from Any Other Origins.

African and Russian Suppliers

A)     We have received quite a few offers (including 2 offers at #130/MT).

B)     We are negotiating the payment terms with them (Note: Our SOE clients must abide by the rule of No Advance Payment).

C)     If you have a supplier that does not ask for Advance Payment, please send us the draft SPA with the best offer price, along with some photos/videos.

We look forward to working with you.


Dr. Steve Shih

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