Projects, raw materials, power plants
Projects, raw materials, power plants
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looking investor for africa

 I have so many projects to be  done in africa
1-reffinery we are looking for a contract of crude oil for 30 years that we can take fund from international funds we have MOU signed with the goverment as a start the reffiney have to give 600000 barrels per month we have autority for export
2-railway station on BOT duration up to negociation up to 30 years
3-energie station capacity 1500 megabite to cover all the country BOT duration negociable
5-we have a housing project up to 100000 units according to african style 40 m 50 m 60m for teachers and officers
6-university and hospitals BOT duration negociable
7-who is interested to make a farm :chicken cows.or lamb
Nb:in the country there is not even one farm
8- mines for gold or diamonds we have so many lands and licenes ready just we need finance
9-communication and poste office still in tender we are looking for investors who can finance the projects
10-stone crusher in all the country only one stone crusher even the country need at least 10
11-so many lands to sell or lease for long period for resorts
12- license to open casinos

13-feeryboat  looking for investor this daily profit because people have to cross everyday


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